The airport logistics tour arranged with Pacific Logistics Service for the Foreign Agricultural Service this past June was very much appreciated by the Agency.

Of the 16 FAS staff who attended, several were new Foreign Service officers and the rest were members of the Junior Professionals group (a group comprised of up-and-coming FAS leaders). For all involved, it was a unique look at how agricultural shipments move through international boundaries. The tour helped us understand the jargon used in the air freight business, meet with the personnel who we may need to interact with, and understand the step-by-step order in which shipments move from the plane to being released to the importer. Even though Dulles Airport is a U.S. port of entry, having a hands-on understanding of the physical process and layout of an airport operation will undeniably translate to a better understanding overseas. This newfound knowledge will help FAS in providing better service to our constituents.

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